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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Launcher WindowsPhone8 for android

All of  you who want to get a taste of WindowsPhone8 UI on your android phones there is a launcher to try.

  • Wp8 style start screen
  • Wp8 style lock screen
  • Wp8 style app drawer
  • Add widgets
  • Save and restore your setup
  • Select lockscreen style
  • Many icon sizes like wp8
  • Many icon colours like wp8
  • Option for selecting icons from sd card
  • Many font colours
  •  a shortcut function
  •  a selection to select the tile icon type
  •  Onekey lock screen special module
  •  the lock screen status bar switch
  •  the app list progressbar
  •  more common application icon picture

LauncherWP8 Download (mediafire) link: LauncherWP8

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