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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Google TV 3.0 ,Media streamers

Will Google dominate this segment too? 
With the rise in media streaming boxes and the unprecedented growth of interactive TV in the past few years this is one segment which still doesn't have any major players with Apple to some extent in the lead. While other small players have just managed to gain popularity due to impressive pricing .With Google TV 1.0 and 2.0 not have gained the momentum to drive consumers,TV makers like LG ,Sony have shown the urge to release TV's with Google TV in the months to come .Media streaming devices have yet to gain popularity in many countries with many of the consumers not aware about it.
Media streams:- These are devices that help adding extra functionality to your TV's with support for Internet,Applications,Streaming videos from other devices or the internet and other features.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Launcher WindowsPhone8 for android

All of  you who want to get a taste of WindowsPhone8 UI on your android phones there is a launcher to try.

  • Wp8 style start screen
  • Wp8 style lock screen
  • Wp8 style app drawer
  • Add widgets
  • Save and restore your setup
  • Select lockscreen style
  • Many icon sizes like wp8
  • Many icon colours like wp8
  • Option for selecting icons from sd card
  • Many font colours
  •  a shortcut function
  •  a selection to select the tile icon type
  •  Onekey lock screen special module
  •  the lock screen status bar switch
  •  the app list progressbar
  •  more common application icon picture

LauncherWP8 Download (mediafire) link: LauncherWP8

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Beautiful Clock Widgets and HD Widgets where updated to support Android 4.2's new lockscreen widget functionality

Beautiful Clock widgets 

HD widgets 

It seems atlast the app developers are rolling out updates to support Android's 4.2 new  lockscreen 
widget functionality 
To start with HD widgets has rolled out 11 new widgets while Beautiful clock widgets has not included any new widgets . However as more device receive Android4.2 updates developers will eventually create  more widgets .

HD widget 3.7.1 (playstore) link: Hd widget 
HD widget 3.7.1 (mirror) link: Hd widget
Beautiful clock widget 1.22 (playstore)link: Beautifulclockwidget 
Beautiful clock widget pro 1.22 (mirror)link: Beautifulclockwidget