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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Some Android Launcher's That will really light up your Screens

  Google play store has hundreds of launchers it would be really difficult to tell which one's are the best apart from the usual more golauncher, adwlauncher,apex etc .So here is a list of launchers that are good but not popular as the above.................

  • TSF Shell Launcher
  • FullScreenLauncher
  • SamsungGalaxyS3 Launcher

First on the list is my favourite TSF Shell its one of those launchers which has a special feel and customization which you will not find in other launchers ,on the other hand is expensive as compared to other launchers but I think its worth the every penny you pay .If you don't want to spend money the only way is to Google it
Note:-Only use the 1.5 version of the launcher using any other version below this is not as good as the newer one

Things we liked:-
1) The unusual UI which is nothing as we have seen before in a Launcher
2) Highly customizable Icons style and orientations (you can place the icons in any positions)
3)The various gestures to edit large number of settings
4)Some in built app widgets are good

Things we didn't like:-
2)Sometimes the launcher crashes on low Ram devices

Google play link:- TSF Shell

Second on our list  is something that  is called as FullScreenLauncher  nothing much to tell about this launcher its an minimal ui launcher with all apps on one home screen which slides like a continuous ribbon good for people who like to keep it simple

Things we liked:-
1)The screen transition animation
2)Keeps it simple

Things we didn't like:-
1) IT could have been more customizable
2)Its prone to crashes

Look at the following video of have to use and customize your FullScreenLauncher

Google play link:-FullScreenLauncher

Third one is for rooted devices I don't think every one would like this launcher but still its a pretty decent one its called Samsung GalaxyS3 launcher  as the name suggest it will give you almost the exact replication of the launcher on the Samsung galaxy s3

Things we liked:-
1)Even some of the widgets are replicated
2)The launcher comes with some pre installed apps like swipe, sony experia Walkman, voodoo etc
3)The launcher is smooth
4)The widgets placement somewhat like jelly bean style

Things we didn't like:-
1)Its only for rooted devices
2)Only for hdpi and above devices
3)Only for Ics

For download and installation procedure for S3 Launcher pls go to my following Post :-

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